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Adjustable stools

Adaptability is an important issue in many homes. A good example of this is to replace traditional chairs by some kitchen stools in order to save space. Rather enjoy a quick and informal breakfast at the kitchen bar..

Adjustable stool

The adjustable stool offers many advantages. It may be adapted to different surfaces and also to different tables or other furniture thanks to its versatility. All designs in our collection have different shapes and colours, but also have the option to adjust the height with just a simple movement.

The most used material for the adjustable stool is steel, which would include seats made of different materials like leather or leatherette, which provide a glamorous touch. They are also available with wooden seats which is ideal to provide a rustic touch to a traditional or classic style kitchen. The adjustable stool made of plastic is a light-weighted option and therefore easy to move. It is available in several colours to combine with a modern style kitchen. The height is adjustable by screwing the seat to the structure or with gas lift.

Adjustable stool, tailor-made design in your home

Decorating with a special element like the adjustable stool is possible, and it is also a very recommendable option for your home. It is marvellous to use in an American kitchen, with a kitchen bar that separates the kitchen from the dining room. It may be used to have a quick snack for example or to pass on the food, plates, etc. from the kitchen to the dining room. The height of the bar may vary and the space may be limited which is why an adjustable stool is really an outstanding choice, as it may be adapted to everyone´s personal needs.

In SuperStudio we strongly believe in the functional and practical part of these elements, and that is why we think that an adjustable stool would be an ideal solution to decorate and combine with different spaces in your home.

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