Corporate Social Responsibility

Code of conduct

At Todofurniture, S.L. we have a Code of Conduct, which is the reference framework for ensuring a responsible management and an ethical behavior of all the members of the organization in the performance of their duties. This Code contains the corporate values and the behavioural patterns to be followed. These are enforced through the principles and commitments, and represents a firm bet of the company for the ethic and transparent management as an engine to consolidate its image and to achieve a better and solid reputation. Those principles in respect of both Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethic, are as follows:

Principles of Corporate Social Responsibility:

  1. Commitment to Good Governance, integrity and dialogue.
  2. Commitment to sustainability, profitability and excellence.
  3. Commitment to our people.
  4. Commitment to our clients.
  5. Commitment to our Supplier and Subcontractors.
  6. Commitment to our supplier and local sustainable development.
  7. Commitment to environment: eco-efficiency and reduction of impact.
  8. Commitment to Investigation and technological development.

Principles for Business Ethics:

  1. Compliance with the legislation.
  2. Integrity and objectivity of the business activity.
  3. Respect for individual.
  4. Health and physical integrity protection.
  5. Environmental protection.
  6. Efficient management.
  7. Use and protection of the information.
  8. Quality and Safety.

We commit ourselves to respect and to comply with the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility laid down in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, The United Nations Global Compact, the Conventions and Recommendations of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and all the national, community and international legislation applicable to any area of the company.

Communication channel

To request the Code of Conduct refer to:

  1. Post to the address:
    Todofurniture, S.L.
    Secretaria del Comité de Vigilancia del Código de ConductaCalle Tavern, 61, Bajos
    CP 08006 Barcelona
  2. Via Email:
    [email protected]

To directly file your Complaint/Report or Suggestion to the Code of Conduct is required to send the following information to the selected reception channel (1) or (2):

(*) In compliance with the provisions of Ley Orgánica 15/1999, Personal Data Protection, 13th December, we wish to inform you that by filling this suggestion or complaint form, your personal data provided therein will be added to and processed in our Complaints and Suggestions file held under the responsibility of TODOFURNITURE S.L., and registered in the Protection Data Registrar of the Spanish Agency of Data Protection, the purpose of this being to keep the relationship under this form, and to send you subsequent communications and incidents in relation with such complaint or suggestion. Transfering the required data is compulsory, and refusing to provide them is not compatible neither with the relationship hereby intended nor subsequent communications related to the suggestion or complaint filed. Should you wish to exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and objection (ARCO rights) in relation to your personal data processed, via certified mail to TODOFURNITURE, S.L., Calle Tavern, 61, Bajos, 08006, Barcelona, or alternatively by sending an e-mail to: [email protected] This notice must indicate the right that is being invoked, and your ID card must be provided or attached to in order to prove identity of the person exercising his or her own right.



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