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In SuperStudio we care about homes and we couldn't forget also locals or businesses. We know how important is in a local the bar counter, it is the first image that your customers have of your business and the focal point, so you have to take into account several constraints when you are choosing your bar counter: resistant materials to ensure durability, cleanability, functionality, local distribution and space within the bar and, of course, the design.

The bar counter

The bar counter not only should be eye-catching or be in line with the rest of the decor of the bar or the local, but it should take into account also design and funcionality. The shape of the bar counter is important and the space available will mark it, in addition to factors such as environment, customers and available budget. The shape we give to our bar counter can be S-shaped, squared/rectangular or C-shaped. The important thing is to make good use of space giving a different touch to the bar counter, have customers distributed so that they can have better control and service and give a modern aspect to our bar counter.

The bar counter, the gateway to your local

The bar counter can have various shapes, in SuperStudio we have curved, straight or corner shaped ones. They are suitable for indoor or outdoor and can be luminous or not. They can be combined with each other to complement and create a larger bar, you can find them also in different colours.

Polyethylene material makes them resistant, durable and easy to clean. Illuminated bar counters provides a chic touch to outdoor terraces. The height of the bar table is ideal for placing stools and accommodate our customers around it for a drink.