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Bath mats

In our section of rugs, warmth and elegance are joined together. Surely you will have no difficulty in finding the most suitable model for your living room, your bedroom, your hall, your bathroom, the entrance of your home or your business, your hotel, etc. SuperStudio offers a wide selection of design rugs in different sizes, colours, prints, shapes and materials to dress your floors at home.

Bath mats

In this section we want to introduce a category that is indispensable in any home and which design, however, is not often the subject of attention when choosing the most suitable design: bath mats. Like any complement, choosing the model that favours the decor of our home and, in particular, in the bathroom, in this case can be very important to add to our house a touch of style, even in more unsuspected places.

Design bath mats

The bath or the shower is one of the most relaxing moments of the day, make this moment last until getting out of your bath or shower with one of our bath mats. We have several models in different colours and materials, but they are all very practical and easy to clean and dry, which is very important for practical elements such as bath mats.

To provide a comfortable and pleasant feeling, our bath mats are characterized by their smooth and customizable touch to your feet thanks to the inner foam. In addition, since security at home is also very important, they are anti-slip, in order to guarantee the best adhesion to the floor.

Let the original and fun designs of our rugs and mats surprise you adding a touch of unique style to your bathroom.