The main difference between chair and bench design basically is that the latter take in more than one person. With or without backrest, bench design is a key element in our homes. The reason is its versatility and usefulness, serving as seats and sometimes as containers. In addition depending on their shapes and materials they can be suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Bench design

SuperStudio has a wide collection of design benches and ottomans so you can choose without problems. From the wooden benches that can be modern, old, with or without backrest to the most modern shapes and different materials. We have bench design for all needs. Its versatility goes further and makes benches ideal from the point of view of their placement, for kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms or outside spaces.

Bench design for a modern home

Bench design convey the sensation of being in a nice place where you can celebrate or share moments, because of its practicality and lightness you earn seats without having to block the space with chairs. Your guests will be comfortable and space in your home will be optimized with modern decor.

Bench design bt SuperStudio have various shapes, colors, designs and materials, from wood, leather through stainless steel with or without backrest, with or whitout cushions and suitables for indoor or outdoor use, with very different decorative styles, in vintage, classical, rustic, nordic style and so on. We also have a ottomans to add more stylish seats and save space or simply to accompany a chair and make it more comfortable. Bring this chic and modern touch to your home decor design integrating benches between your furniture.

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