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Charles and Ray E.

Nowadays, in decoration, it’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t know Charles Eames and his wife, two of the most influential designers of the 20th century. Their DSW chair is one of the most famous designs of Charles Eames of all times. Its backrest made of polypropylene perfectly adapts to the body, and the robust base of wooden legs is very resistant. Its durability is guaranteed thanks to the combination of these materials. It can be found in many colors and with different variants. A chair with a simple and functional design that lets you enjoy total comfort without forgetting the beauty of the lines.

The designs of Charles Eames don’t go out of style and remain icons of style, they are characterized for being the vanguard of the last century and combining style, elegance and comfort providing the distinguishing touch to your home or office.

Everyone knows the designs of Charles Eames but, what do we know about the couple?

Charles Eames was an US architect, designer and filmmaker. Together with his wife Ray, is responsible for numerous designs that have already become 20th century classics . He was born in Saint Louis, Missouri and studied architecture at Washington University in Saint Louis who later out to start working on an architectural studio of his hometown where his projects were based on residential houses. Later, he founded his architectural firm with Robert T. Walsh. After receiving a fellowship in 1938 from the Cranbrook Academy of Art, he moved to Michigan and began working as a professor in the department of design. Together with Eero Saarinen he won, with their joint presentation, the first prize in the «Organic Design in Home Furnishings» competition organized by the Museum of Modern Art in New York. During that same year, Charles Eames became the head of the industrial design department of Cranbrook and he married Ray Kaiser.

Ray Eames, was born in Sacramento, California in 1912. She studied at school May Friend Bennett School of Millbrook, New York, and she continued her studies in painting with Hans Hofmann until she exhibited her work in the first exhibition of American abstract artists in the Riverside Museum in New York. Later she enrolled at the Cranbrook Academy of Art and married Charles Eames.

With great sense of adventure, Charles and Ray Eames devised designs where they turned their curiosity and boundless enthusiasm in creations that turned them into a truly amazing design team. Their unique synergy resulted in a whole new look in furniture. Charles Eames and his wife define their designs as: sleek and modern, cheerful and functional, clean, sophisticated and beautifully simple. These were and are the "Eames look" of which the DSW chair is its greatest exponent.

That appearance and their relationship with Herman Miller started with molded plywood chairs including the Eames deck chair, known worldwide, now in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

The couple loved his job, which was a combination of art and science, design and architecture, process and product, style and function. "Details are not details ", Charles Eames said, " they make the product ".

Their own concepts evolved over time with the mentality of "wanting to make the world a better place" and here Charles and Ray Eames /strong> are still present with their designs making it much more interesting.

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