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Do you have a small dining area and you don't know how to give a touch of design and comfort at the same time? Who said that the sofa had to be two-seater? With our design armchair you won't stop to enjoy thecomfort of a small size sofa. SuperStudio design armchairs offer a personal comfort and we have a variety.

Design armchair

Due at their small measures their profits are many and they perfectly adapt to any space but above all they have to be comfortable and provide comfort. A design armchair is much more than a comfortable seat for one person, it's an important element of the decor of your room, bedroom, waiting room, dressing room or any other room where we can watch tv, relax, have a nap, doing crossword puzzles or spend a pleasant evening reading or watching TV at home.

A design armchair for every taste

A design armchair is an essential element in the decoration of a living room providing a unique and personalized touch. It also gives that personal touch to an adult or child's room. In SuperStudio we have a wide variety of model to choose from: with minimalist and clean lines for the most daring, wingback for the most classic or patchwork trimmed to provide a touch of originality. Without forgetting the option of combining leather quality and elegant design.

Among our collection we include leather models such as the Swan, Barcelona, Frame or Veri ones providing that so elegant touch and timeless design to all spaces. Other options providing a touch of colour to any space are the design armchair Freather, The Name or Patchwork. We also count with the famous Eames rocking chair that fits with any style or if you want to excel fully we recommend the Ball Relax, Egg or Butterfly BKF models. But we also have classical models such as the Chester model, even if the best thing would be that you judge for yourselves. Comfort and design guaranteed.

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