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Design Icon chairs
One of the most important elements of furniture, and which consequently has been the obsession of many architects and designers, are the design chairs or armchairs. It is no longer just the place to sit or rest, but it is also a key decorative element in any home or business space. This invention of centuries ago has evolved to claim its prominence; it is not enough that it is comfortable or fulfills its purpose, the design chairs must also have personality.

Design chairs

Placing a design chair, the atmosphere of a space can be completely changed and will tell a lot about the persons that live in it. Designers and architects are fully aware of that fact, and they have therefore opted to transform the chair into a real art work on legs. In the last century new designs emerged, which have become authentic style icons. Design chairs are timeless classics that lasts without ever being out of fashion; if you are a style lover and you like the chairs of the great designers, than you certainly are at the right place. SuperStudio proposes a selection of hundreds of great designs of the most essential modern classics.

Choose your design chairs

We could not start this selection without our Tower or Wooden design chairs, inspired by the Charles & Ray Eames’ DSW chair and their entire collection, without doubt one of the most emblematic designs. This design chair was created in 1950, with a unique polypropylene shell and a wooden base. The original version was developed for the Low-Cost Furniture Design competition, organized by the New York Museum of Modern Art. Its relevance is such that, although it was the first plastic chair manufactured in an industrial way, it has become an icon of design that continues to be sold more than half a century later. Another example is the Bertoia chair inspired by Harry Bertoia´s Side Chair. This Italian designer decided that it was time to change the solid wood that was traditionally being used for furniture production for a more lightweighted material. And this is how he created in 1952 this design chair using stainless steel wire, and turning it into one of the most famous chairs. A model that was already perceived as very original at the time it was created, is the Phantom chair inspired by Verner Panton´s Panton Classic, one of the most recognizable designs of mid 20th century. In the same year they started to manufacture the chair in glassfiber and has not stopped selling since then. You can choose between various colours. And last but not least, the Tulip chair by Eero Saarinen, considered to be a space age icon because of its futuristic shapes. This design chair was designed in 1955 and is one of the most reproduced one in history. Currently in aluminum, the Finnish-American architect originally designed it in fiberglass but the base was too feeble. So did we make it difficult for you to choose just one style?
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