In SuperStudio we talk about decorative lighting, because each piece is unique, in its forms, in its function and in its possibilities. We offer our customers a wide selection of models, to give the correct solution to your needs: ceiling lamps, standing lamps, desk lamps, office lamps, wall lamps and original led or Vintage bulbs which can shine by themselves, without screen.

Design lighting

An extensive experience in developing interior design projects has made us aware of how important is the distribution of light in a room. Decorative lighting is not simply choosing aesthetically attractive design lamps and combine them in the context. This choice is crucial, but the placement of these points of light is equally critical. Every lamp provides a different light intensity, more direct or more diffuse. With a good disposition of lighting you can revalue corners which was previously in the shadow, create a warm or cold environment as we are interested, and even allows us to play with the contribution of natural light. There are many alternatives as spaces to decorate: kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, receptions, offices, restaurants, hotels, shops, etc.

Tradition and modernity in design lighting

We have many different sizes, shapes and styles ranging from the most traditional to the most modern, and materials from the most common such as steel or glass, to the most innovative as the silica gel, fiberglass or even wood. A large number of these models are avant-garde design icons, which endure over time, beyond fashions and trends. This is the case of suspension lamps Over or Samantha, the New standing lamp or the Guio desk lamp.

Many authors, mostly architects, directed their best efforts to the design of original design lamps. In this creative process, they have always paid special attention to the visual character of the piece. They know better than anyone the incidence of light in the composition of the space. It should be well illuminated, but if we get it in a discreet manner, the result would be much more harmonious. The aim is that lamps or wall lamps are not only spotlights. If they let their presence evident, it is for the beauty of its lines, there is an intention of style beyond their functionality. That's decorative lighting. And that's what we do in SuperStudio.

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