Occasional Furniture

When it comes to decorating any room in our home, we have to take into account several aspects. Which colour is predominant, which décor style, which type of furniture… but another important aspect is the practical side. Ofcourse, we have to remain faithful to our style and taste, but we also have to think about the daily comfort. Placing the pieces of furniture in a strategic way in order to occupy the least possible space, is fundamental. Choosing furniture with storage space to organize and store our accessories, or even a piece that has both characteristics: occasional furniture.

Occasional furniture

Occasional furniture cover many functions. One of the most important one is to decorate small spaces in our home, where there is no sufficient space to place a standard size piece of furniture. Besides, occasional furniture offer extra storage space to store those accessories that always end up lying around everywhere. We could also use it as a small chest of drawers to store underwear or even as a bedside table to place an alarm clock, a table lamp or the book that you´d love to read before going to sleep.