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Low stools

A stool is an excellent and outstanding piece of furniture. Ideal for meetings or dinners with friends or family, gathered around the table while sharing a delicious meal. A low stool is an essential auxiliary piece of furniture for any establishment like bars and restaurants. They allow to comfortably accommodate a greater number of people, without taking up more space than necessary. This is why it is the perfect complement both at home as in establishments.

Low stool

No more problems due to lack of seats or space. A low stool is the ideal solution for space-related issues, and will certainly save you several times from an awkward situation. Its versatility converts it into a necessary and practical item.

Low stool, a versatile and comfortable item for your home

The most versatile seat offers several advantages. They save space and allow us to invite friends at home, even if we live in a small apartment. A low stool is more practical than a chair, as they allow easy storage and many models are stackable. Stools can be used in many different ways and if we don´t have space to store them, they may have a different purpose like an auxiliary table, creating and informal and casual style. A low stool creates a very special atmosphere, and is an excellent item for family meetings and informal dinners, perfectly imitating the ambience in a bar.

Not only adults benefit from low stools, also the little ones love them, for example using them to imitate a scene of adults having dinner with friends. But they may also be used by children to allow them to reach higher cabinet shelves.

The key material used is metal or steel, which provides an industrial look and makes them ideal for modern spaces. A low stool is an excellent complement for any bar or restaurant to have an informal drink, allowing the flow of people. It is a versatile, practical, but at the same time comfortable, item. An economic and durable option to furnish an establishment with a practical decoration.

At SuperStudio we have a wide collection of low bar stools, adaptable to any situation. The perfect and most used alternative for chairs, either at home or in establishments and businesses. They come in original designs and forms, made of plastic with wooden legs, made of metal or wood, the options are endless and create a world of possibilities.

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