Which pillow do I buy?

Each person is unique and this is something that needs to be taken into account when it comes to getting a good night´s rest. A quality pillow and mattress are essential items, but do you know how to choose the model that you need? This is where we have to ask you three basic questions: your sleeping habits, sleeping position and the physical constitution.

It is quite common to focus mainly on the degree of comfort of the pillow, but this is a mistake. Pillows shouldn´t only be comfortable, but they also need to adapt to our body shape. What is your sleeping position? We give you the first key in order to find your perfect pillow:

  • If you sleep face down it is recommended to opt for a low height pillow (10 cm).
  • If you sleep on your back the most appropriate pillows are of medium height (12-13 cm).
  • If you sleep on your side it is recommended to use a medium-high (15 cm) model in order to maintain head and neck in line.

Another issue to take into account is the material of the pillow inner. Here the user´s personal preference is of great importance. Depending on the pillow inner, they will have different durability and maintenance. In SuperStudio you will find different pillows that adapt to every requirement.

Pillows adapted to you

In our online decoration store you will find the pillow that will make your night rest unequalled: visco elastic, anti-stress and also aloe vera pillows. Among all these we offer a very special range that give off lavender or body milk aromas making your visco elastic pillow pervading your bed with a fresh air.

Undoubtedly, one of the most special pillows in our collection, is the anti-stress pillow. Its inner is made of carbon microfibre, that helps to reduce the stress of our daily routines. This material disperses stress-inducing electrostatic charges, that we are in contact with during the day, contributing this way to get a healthy night´s sleep.

Now that you have learnt about the key issues to choose the perfect pillow, the only thing that´s left is making it yours. Are you ready to discover our range of pillows? Take a look at our collection.