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Round tables

>The dining table is one of the most important elements in our home. In many cases this is the place where family and friends come together and share quality time. There are many models to choose from: square table, round dining table, oval table… It is essential to take into account both the design and the distribution of our dining room in order to make the best choice.

Round Dining Table

The square table is ideal to make the most of the available space and to take up free corners. The round dining table is excellent to have a fluid conversation of friends and family. Its shape allows seeing all table angles. It is also a safe choice if you like to play cards or to have a drink and a nice chat with your guests.

Round Dining Table, a very Versatile Design

The design options of the round dining table are endless. SuperStudio offers you a wide variety of these table, in order for you to be able to choose the one that best adapts to your dining room size and style. You will find large size dining tables for big rooms, or smaller tables which allows you to make the most of a limited space. The medium-sized tables are perfect if you have sufficient space and you like to invite dinner guests frequently.

In order to maintain the decorative aspect of the space, we offer a huge number of different designs that will most certainly adapt to your home décor. If your home décor style is Scandinavian, we recommend a round dining table in clear shades like white and light grey, combined with natural wood. Modern dining rooms usually are best equipped with pieces in dark shades, like black or wengué. If the industrial style is your favourite, a dining room made of metal will add a very original touch to the space.

Find inspiration in our wide collection of round dining tables and create a unique space in your home. Make your guests feel at home, thanks to this special piece of furniture.

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