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Eileen Gray

The E 1027 table by Eileen Gray is the classic among classics for its distinguishing shape and functionality provided turning this height-adjustable table into one of the most popular icons of 20th century design . Behind the famous table designed by Eileen Gray there is a history of more than eighty years of awards, gets its name from the summer house Maison en bord de mer that the own Eileen Gray built for herself and her partner Jean Badovici.

The adjustable table by Eileen Gray is made with a structure of chrome steel tubes and a glass plate. Created in 1927 by Eileen Gray, this object represents a beautiful personal history and an important chapter in the role of women in the history of contemporary design. Although it is part of the European modernist movement of the late 20s, is an adjustable table that anticipates the forms of the 60s and contributed to the great relevance of Gray, to her professional recognition and public visibility.

The E 1027 by Eileen Gray was created as home furnishings for the summer house Gray and his partner devised. The house was situated in the south of France and its furniture had to convey a sense of lightness. The name of the house and the table was a code that identified the initials of Eileen Gray and Jean Badovici: E for Eileen, 10 for Jean, 2 for Badovici and 7 for Gray, telling in this way to the world their love story.

The virtues of Eileen Gray’s table, Eileen gift for his sister who loves o have breakfast in bed, are many: its adjustable height, its being a symmetrical side table, elegant and compact structure, its decorative look and its versatility and ease of combination with other furniture in both offices or living rooms and waiting rooms.

Eileen Gray and her table, timeless spirit

This creation is important because it has been created by one of the first women internationally recognized in the industrial design . A pioneer who inspired Modernism and Art Deco and did great work in his role as artist of Japanese lacquer, furniture designer or architect.

Eileen Gray was a lacquer artist, designer furniture, interior and architect known for incorporating the work of the lacquer with luxury in the International Style. Her works were highly innovative, combining the pure lines of the aesthetic of the Modern Movement with practicality, comfort and ingenuity. She was born in Ireland in 1878 but spent her youth in London where she enrolled at the Slade School of Art to study painting and drawing. Later, she settled in Paris where she continued her studies until she became a major figure in the world of French decorative arts. Early in her career she dedicated to furniture design with varnish finish and luxurious rugs, prone to Japanese tradition. They came her first important commissions and in 1922 opened her own store where she sells her designs and develops a growing interest in functional design.

Her work influenced a great number of outstanding designers of the time. After the First World War, her career evolved with taste for aesthetics as well as in theory. She built nine buildings and let archived 45 architectural projects. She built her first house on the French Riviera. Eileen Gray ‘s best-known work is the E 1027 table which has been added to the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1978. Her contribution to the Modern Movement has been very significant and has placed her work in the context of contemporary movements of design and architecture of the social and cultural history of the 20th century. Her tubular steel furniture was revolutionary for the time, now accepted as classics, clear example of this is the Eileen Gray table. Finally he was appointed by the Royal Society of Art in London in 1927 as Royal Designer for Industry.

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