Without minimum purchase!

Step 1

Select "Pay in installments" as payment method at checkout.

Step 2

Choose the number of months you want to postpone payment, and the day that you want to make the payment.

Step 3

Enter mobile phone and ID.

Step 4

Enter the code you receive by SMS.

Step 5

Create your account with the missing details: name, date of birth, etc.

Step 6

Enter your card details. If you have previously purchased with Aplazame, select the card you want to pay with.

Financing conditions
  • Maximum amount  financed per purchase: £1,000. The credit requires an initial payment similar to the amount of the installment. This payment is in addition to the number of installments (a 6 months financing involves 7 payments, one at the moment of payment and 6 payments in each of the 6 months following your purchase).
  • The granting of credit is subject to compliance with requirements established by Aplazame platform.
  • Payments are charged on the card provided to Aplazame by the customer.
  • The user accepts that all personal data are fully transferred to Aplazame from the time the user has contracted the deferred payment service,  offered by the latter, when selecting the payment method. This acceptance extends to third parties that need to access files for the successful conclusion of the contract.