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Lighted furniture

We love those terraces where you can spend the afternoon or a quiet outdoor evening both at home as well as at the restaurant. Reading while sitting on a sun lounger or just enjoying a dinner or a party in company of several people. But the event can be even more special if we are able to add the right elements to this space. We talk about decorative lighting and glow furniture, a concept that you'll love for sure.

Decorative lighting

Decorative lighting is made of different objects in different, various forms, made of premium quality polyethylene and neoprene, ultraresistant, unbreakable and suitable for any temperature, including ice. This feature turns it into a suitable element both for indoor and outdoor uses, to decorate gardens or other places you want to illuminate and decorate with style.

Decorative lighting, the decoration which also gives light

In SuperStudio we have a wide collection of glow furniture which provides very cozy, decorative lighting such as, for instance, a square side table to create a very relaxed atmosphere where to drink something or to rest. We also dipose of circular-shaped or tubelike, decorative lighting that will add a modern touch.

On the other hand, we have a transparent or white glass lamp with carbon steel structure which imitates a tray with bottles. It is ideal for lighting and at the same time decorates any room of your home or office. And lastly, we shouldn't forget an element that surely will succeed in terms of our guests when it comes to a party: the ice bucket or the bottle rack.

With this glow furniture you will get the chic touch you need for your parties, in addition to the most current contribution of decorative lighting. The bulb type consists of cold light with invariable colour. Dare to decorate your indoor or outdoor space by means of our collection of glow furniture and your parties will never be the same again.

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