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Hans J. Wegner

The Wishbone chair is Hans Wegner’s best known design. This is light, elegant and comfortable, is offering a unique Y-shaped support with simple and clean lines. Hans Wegner’s chair, created in 1949, today remains a classic. Despite its minimalist appearance, 100 steps and absolute craftsmanship is required to manufacture it.

Hans Wegner’s chair has a very original form carved in high quality wood, treated and protected with oil, available in ash, beech, maple, oak or walnut wood. In natural finish maintaining the purity of natural wood or hand painted finish available in several colors. Hans Wegner’s chair it’s not only attractive but also durable. Its paper cord seat is hand woven from 100 m of this material.

The Danish master Hans Wegner believed that a chair should be made well enough to last at least 50 years, requirement that his designs comply perfectly being also nowadays icons of style. The most iconic creations of Hans Wegner are rounded chairs or “The Chair”, and is the greatest exponent of his philosophy regarding the quality of designs. The design is clean carrying wood to a minimum, a sculpture semicircle resting on four slender legs with a leather or line seat or suspended between them. The empty space separating the backrest from the seat gives to the chair elegance and economy of form providing a great comfort and allowing you can move it without restricting your movements.

Hans Wegner was a sculptor and he is known for its dedication to wood and the meticulous task of mold. In contrast to his fellow Danes modern designers, he always kept this attitude of playing with the material. He liked his pieces was visible the evidence of design effort and that the owners care about their maintenance.

Hans Wegner, chairs for their exceptional craftsmanship and simplicity

Hans Wegner was a carpenter and he graduated from the prestigious "School of Arts and Crafts" Copenhagen. He was one of the most innovative and productive furniture designers worldwide. His Wishbone chair represents the beauty of perfection in woodworking focusing on modern life. His work is a modern contemporary classic.

Together with other designers, he’s one of those responsible for the “aesthetic education”. For half a century among all design a series of furniture as current as even today they are symbols of the modern, being Hans Wegner’s chairs one of the great pillars of 20th century European design.

One of the most important contributions of Hans Wegner’s chairs was smooth the warm lines of Nordic design and give a slight and fragile air to robust and complicated structures, turning the difficult into easy. As a pioneer of the Organic Functionality movement seamlessly blended natural forms with practicality. Thanks to Hans Wegner’s designs, the international popularity of Danish design of the 20th century improved. During his career he designed more than 500 different chairs.

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