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Home accessories are the final stage of any interior design project. Walls are painted, the floor is ready, the doorframes reformed, furniture in its place and… what else? You have to finish defining the style. A supplement may provide a distinguishing, original and unique touch.

Home Accessories

There are many occasions in which home accessories can be the solution to our decorative concerns. Does that table look a bit bland? A vase can fix it. When you come home the entrance looks a little bit empty. Try with a coat rack or a mirror. The latter can also be the perfect element to provide greater visual amplitude to a hallway or dining room. You love your sofa but, do you feel something is missing? Place a magazine rack next it. With this simple gesture, you increase the chances of comfort in your living room. Every time you want to relax a bit,you will have on hand an interesting reading. Are you preparing a romantic dinner? Don't forget candles and a good wine, kept at the right temperature in your illuminated ice bucket. If you want to maximize space in a large room and divide it into different areas, choose a screen. In SuperStudio we love this element, for its being so unique, attractive and providing that touch of class and distinction that wins us. Do you need more inspiration? Surely one of our design books will refresh your ideas.

Illuminated home accessories

We need to make a special mention to the section of illuminated furniture: shelves, lamps, tables and chairs. They are ideal to surprise your guests or your clients. In outdoor spaces such as terraces or gardens, they create a very special bright atmosphere. They are widely used in bars, hotels and restaurants. Illuminated planters, will allow you to integrate the vegetation in any outdoor area, for instance in a swimming pool, in a very original way. All this kind of furniture is made of durable materials suitables to withstand inclement weather.

And if you look into our section of household, you'll be fascinated: juicers, salt shakers, paper bins, corkscrew, bowls, coffeemakers, fruiterers, cutlery, plate rack, jugs, wine decanters, mats, nutcrackers... In small details it is where you see a true design lover. This section of home complements, we also have specific cleaning products for furniture and carpets. Every material needs a different care to be properly preserved. Put the final touch in your home or workplace, with a lot of style.

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