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Jean Prouvé

Jean Prouvé’s Standard Chair supports more stress on the hind legs, considered that they are the ones that absorb the weight of the upper part of the body. Jean Prouvé, engineer, designer and architect, apply this simple idea to the design of his most famous chair. The front legs supporting a relatively small weight, they are made of tubular steel, the rear ones are hollow bulky elements transmitting the tension to the ground.

Jean Prouvé’s Standard chair in its classical version, with wooden seat and backrest is a comfortable and sturdy chair despite its small size. It is perfect for meeting rooms, libraries or restaurants.

Jean Prouvé’s Standard chair, a matter of weight

Jean Prouvé always considered himself as engineer, he designed and manufactured his own product ideas. His work is so diverse that covers almost everything that can be produced industrially and it goes from a letter opener to fittings for doors and windows; from lamps and furniture to manufactured homes and modular building systems.

Jean Prouvé he opened his own workshop in Nancy in 1924 when he finishes his training as a metal craftsman. Later he created many furniture designs including his most famous chair and in 1947 Jean Prouvé he opened his own factory which he at the end left because of the differences with the majority shareholders. He went on to work as a consulting engineer in important architectural projects in Paris.

In 1971 He left his mark on the history of architecture when he had a prominent role in the selection of Renzo Piano’s and Richard Rogers’ project for the Centre Pompidou as president of the jury.

His work covers a wide selection of objects, being one of the most important creations the Standard chair finally presented in 1950, after Jean Prouvé worked more than 10 years. It was created to provide additional support to the top part of the users body, has an empty frame steel of different thicknesses, depending on the charge on it. With a piece of wood in his seat and backrest, every part of the chair provides support and exceptional comfort.

With his master chair, Jean Prouvé faced with a longstanding problem of furniture design. He found that the hind legs of the chair endured the full weight of the upper part of user’s body. Therefore devoted more than a decade to the development and improvement of a design that would give more support to the back part of the chair, maintaining his avant-garde style. Finally he created the Jean Prouvé Chair, that currently it remains an icon of style.

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