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Kids chairs

Small children spend a lot of time at home playing, but also doing homework and studying. It is therefore important that they a have a well-prepared study corner which is suitable to spend quite some time. But this doesn´t have to be a boring place at all. Once we have chosen the table or desk, we have to find the perfect kids chair . At SuperStudio we have a collection of original and colorful kids chairs. Because not only adults can have design chairs and desks, but also the little ones can now enjoy exactly the same chair as their modern parents.

Kids chairs

The classic and timeless style of kids chairs is the one that adapts to the passage of time and to the continuously rising trends. In addition, we do not have to forget its double functionality: to be practical and fulfill its mission. It also has to be a decorative element of the children´s room, sometimes even more important than other items.

Kids chairs, style has no age

Simple ideas combined with kids chairs that creates a perfect look in any kids room and suitable for any style. Classic models or items in retro style, excellent in combination with bedrooms in rustic, Nordic or classic style, which give a very bohemian vintage touch to any room.

Models such as the Eames DSW chair in different colors, finishes and upholstery or the Baby Elephant stool are proof that the classic style fits anywhere. We can also use a stool instead of a chair, such as the Diavolo or Baby Ice and let your imagination run free.

Another well-known model is the Baby Phantom which may remind us of the furniture of the 70s, with an air of retro modernism, with slightly more complicated shapes but without abandoning the classic and vintage style. If we want to achieve a more elaborated style, then the Baby Queen and the Baby Courve are two chairs that provide a sophisticated look to the bed room.

And those who want to be different will definitely love the kids chairs Baby Acapulco or the funny Baby Dog. As you see, at SuperStudio all options are available for you to create the perfect design children's room.

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