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Kitchen stools

Stools are the most flexible piece of furniture, as its advantages are many and diverse. But don´t let its modest appearance deceive you, because they are really comfortable and available in many amazing designs. They adapt to almost any situation, however, the key space to use the stools is definitely the kitchen, being the kitchen stools the most popular ones. It does not matter if they are made of metal of wood, with or without upholstered seat, they are the perfect complement to have more places to sit, but without occupying more space than necessary.

Kitchen stools

Kitchen stools have special characteristics which allow them to adapt to the height of the bar, cooking island or kitchen counter at home. They also need to combine esthetically with the kitchen appliances and the rest of the furniture. It is very common that kitchen stools replace the chairs in this space. In general, they save space which makes them ideal for the kitchen.

Kitchen stools, practicality and comfort for modern homes

A kitchen with a bar or cooking island is becoming more common. It is an additional space to have a quick meal without setting the dining table. So what could be more practical than to have a quick breakfast at the kitchen bar, sitting on our kitchen stools?

It has never been so easy to accommodate ourselves in places like the kitchen. The kitchen stools are available in modern or minimalist models, depending on the decoration style of the kitchen. The metal stool is definitely one of the most popular models. This model easily adapts to any circumstance and provides a personal and original aspect. They are made of first class material and perfectly suitable to withstand the daily use in the kitchen. Besides, they do not only offer a place to sit, but also decorate the space, creating a pleasant atmosphere.

It is easy the transform your kitchen and make it your preferred place. In order to take care of all details in the kitchen decoration, from household goods to furniture, we recommend using stools as they give a special touch that makes the kitchen your favorite place to received your guests.

There are many different models of stools that might be ideal for the kitchen: the auxiliary stools that are useful to reach the higher shelves, low stools, occupying very little storage space, or high stools that can be used for informal meetings, creating a pleasant and casual atmosphere. Fortunately, at SuperStudio we have them all.

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