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Metal chairs
The metal chairs are a magnificent example of the historic evolution of design in the Western world. After the industrial revolution, furniture was not just reduced to upholstery and wood. New materials emerged, offering new possibilities. Afterwards, different types of plastics were introduced, filling diningrooms, livingrooms and bars around the world with colour.

Metal chairs

Metal chairs are a fascinating mix between modernity and a retro touch. Yes, they are solid and strong, made of steel or aluminium, they are really “now”. But they are not made of plastic. They are inextricably linked to the principles of heavy industry. Although the forms and structures have evolved to adapt to the needs of each moment. Many of these chairs have become favorite pieces of furniture in bars and restaurants. They are the best option to endure daily and continuous use, as well as weather conditions on terraces, gardens and outdoor areas in general.

Our catalog of metal chairs

At SuperStudio we are delighted with the typical industrial vintage beauty of the metal chairs. Our catalog includes iconic pieces inspired by designers like Harry Bertoia, Jean Prouvé or Charles & Ray Eames. Respectively the serie of Bertoia chairs in different finishes, the Demiro Plywood chair and the Dron chair. We also have models that remind us of the most famous creations of international prestigious furniture firms. Our collections Terek, Moskov or Greek are based on the designs by Jean and Xavier Pauchard for the French firm Tolix. And our Neo chair is the colorful version of the well-known Navy chair, made by Emeco. Originally meant to supply a resistant, durable and practical chair to the United States Navy Army during the Second World War. We also have other chairs that will surprise you for their originality. The Pitiusa chair, for example, recalls to some extent the famous Wishbone chair by Hans J. Wegner, but with a more sober, rectilinear style and, above all, with a lacquered aluminum structure, which allows the chair to be used outdoors, unlike the original wooden version. Other metal chairs have an extremely contemporary look. The Cubic chair is based on the angular shapes characteristic of the works of the German Konstantin Grcic. But why should we continue? It is much better to discover by yourself our most “solid”, and at the same time beautiful, section.
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