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Bedside tables

The bed and the closet are clearly the most important pieces of bedroom decor but we can’t forget one key element that often is relegated to the background as design nightstands. This element not only completes the general composition and makes the room is complete in every detail, but besides being practical furniture, nightstands provide also a touch of elegance and style to our rooms. Besides nightstands are available in multiple colours, designs, materials and finishes.

Design nightstands

It is important that nightstantds bring style, therefore they should adapt to the design of the rest of furniture in our room and at the same time contribute to its overall picture. SuperStudio presents its collection of design nightstands to help you in this task and to find your favourite model and combine it perfectly with your room.

Design nightstands, the essential piece for your room

The room is the resting place par excellence, the place where we relax at the end of a long day of work and our space more intimate and personal, where the bed is the protagonist. At the same time, the nightstands are a useful and practical piece to store the little things that we need to have with us always, but they also complete the decoration of the room.

Nightstands are the ideal complement that allows us to leave books, magazines or newspapers, the remote control, a glass of water or herbal tea, glasses, everything we need always adapted to our needs. There are many models and materials ranging from glass to classic timeless classic wood.

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