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Office chairs

In SuperStudio we have a wide collection for you to find your ideal office chair. We can't avoid that, this is one of our favorite pieces of furniture. Perhaps because of the large number of hours spent on them, looking for the highest quality products with the best prices, for our customers. As we understand that many of you so will, we pay special attention to choose the references that make up our catalog. Comfort, good anatomical fit and proper rest for the back are essential features.

The office chair

Then, but not least, a good design. The functionality of an office chair can't delegate the beauty of the lines to the background. Both aspects must be combined to perfection to give rise to attractive and practical creations.

We have a great variety of models, for every taste. We have a wide range of seats: padded, smooth, with leather upholstery, bare plastic, with or without cushion with or without headrest, with or without armrests, fixed base, or with wheels, high or low back and multi-colored. Whatever is the style of your home study or office, we are sure you can find the office chair that best suits your needs and the general decoration of the room.

A SuperStudio office chair is unmistakable

Why? Because we work every day in order for you to get the most original and beautiful pieces. Many of our office chairs are inspired by the work of Charles & Ray Eames. Specifically, by their Lobby Chairs and Soft Pad Chairs collections in the EA 200 and EA 100 series. Any interior designer, decorator or design lover, knows the unique beauty and elegance of these chairs created by the most prolific marriage in furniture design.

Other models, such as Pring office chair, remind in different ways the Eames. In this case, the DSW dining chair. We also have the office version of the famous Eero Saarinen's chair, the Tulip Office chair. And one of our favorite, the 108 chair, inspired by Christophe Pillet's Meridiana chair. This is very famous chair due at its use on the set of many TV shows.

There are ottomans, adding extra comfort to your workspace, such as the Kabul or Alavis series. And amazing pieces, which distance themselves from the usual features, such as Clip chair or Oryone chair.

In any case, whatever would be your style, more classic or more modern, more conventional or more bolder, in SuperStudio we have the perfect office chair for you.

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