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Office chairs

At SuperStudio we have a wide range of office chairs so you will certainly be able to find the ideal office chair for you. It is in fact one of our favorite pieces of furniture. Maybe because we spend many hours sitting on them, we are always looking for the the best quality products at the best price for our clients. We understand that this may equally be happening to you, and we therefore have dedicated special attention to choose the items in our catalog. The comfort, the good anatomical adaptation and a correct rest of the back are essential characteristics.

The office chair

Another important aspect is a good design. The functionality of an office chair cannot relegate the beauty of the lines to the background. Both aspects must be combined to perfection to create attractive and practical creations.

We have a variety of models and thefore everybody could find one which suits best. There are with padded seats, smooth ones, leather upholstered, plastic, with or without cushion, with or without headrest, fixed base or swivel base with wheels, high or low back and in different colors. Whatever the style of your office or home office, you will certainly find the office chair which best suits your needs and fits in with the general decoration of the environment.

A SuperStudio office chair is unmistakable

Why? Because every day we make an effort to provide the most original and beautiful ítems. Many of our office chairs are inspired by the works of Charles & Ray Eames. More specifically by its Lobby Chairs Collection and Soft Pad Chairs Collection of the EA 200 and EA 100 serie. Any interior designer, decorator or design lover knows the unique beauty and elegance of these chairs, created by the most creative furniture designer´s couple.

Other models, like the Pring office chair, remind us of other Eames’ works. In this case, the DSW dining chair. We also have the office version of the famous chair by Eero Saarinen, the Tulip Office chair. And one of our preferred models, the 108 chair, which is inspired by Christophe Pillet´s Meridiana chair. This chair is very famous because it has been used in many television sets.

There are ottomans, for additional confort in your working space, like the Kabul or Alavis serie. And suprprising pieces, with completely different characteristics than usual, like the Clip or Oryone chair.

In any case, whatever your decoration style is, SuperStudio will have the perfect office chair for you.

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