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Desk lamps

Office lamps give us the amount of light needed to develop our work in optimal conditions. Good lighting is essential in any room, but even more if we think about our working space. Nevertheless, this does not mean we have to put aside the style, or the sake of functionality.

Office lamps

SuperStudio office lamps collection offers variety and good taste, to find the model that best suits your lighting needs and the rest of the decor of the environment. Different sizes, shapes, with fixed or flexible arm, with metal or tissue head. You will also find wall lamps. For some jobs, a wall lamp with a movable arm that can be moved vertically, and a rotating head to direct the light angle, can be much more useful than a table lamp. De esta forma, lights without taking up space on the worktable not hinder any user action.

On the other side, office lamps are very useful for working comfortably, in a efficient and concentrated manner, without eyestrain or costrain the posture.

Metallic materials such as carbon steel, are the undisputed protagonists. It's easier to create a metal piece with flexible arms, and it also better withstands frequent use and the continuous change of position. The result is that all our office lamps have an industrial air, very elegant and attractive.

Office lamps exclusive selection

We have the Tolo lamps series, inspired by the creations of Italian architect Michele de Lucchi. The upper opening in its head, facilitates the exit of the heat from the bulb during its use. A very smart solution that also provides a longer life duration to these lamps. You will find also models based on the designs of other lighting creators, as the French designer Serge Mouille. This is the case of the Houselove lamp, inspired by Cocotte, whose small dimensions make it a magnificent auxiliary lamp. You can place it on any table in the living room, in your dining room, or even in the bedroom, if you need extra light.

An exclusive selection to meet the demands of our customers in functionality and design, as usual. deal for classic environments, with a modern and minimalist style or with an industrial, retro or vintage touch. In addition to distributing the light in the necessary points, it brings life into architecture office, design or photography studios, coworking centers, etc.

Now it's time for you to choose the suitable office lamps for you, to fulfill their function and at the same time bring originality into the room.

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