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Office desk

Define the character of your workspace with a SuperStudio office desk. It is fundamental to have a quality chair which is designed to correctly support your body during the long working hours. Nevertheless, the piece of furniture that really determines the style and character of the work space, is the desk that is placed in it. This piece is the eye-catcher and with that a real statement is made by the user or the company.

Office desk

In our section you will find all kinds of models for every personal taste and needs. You might be looking for a classic style office desk made of wood. We offer several desks that meet these requirements. Or maybe you would rather be inclined to a more modern, minimalist style made of innovative materials like aluminium or glass. Also these pieces you will find in our collection.

It is not an easy task to decide on which office desk you will choose. But you have come to the right place to learn about all the different options that we have prepared for you.

Office desk, design and functionality

An office desk is a fascinating element in furniture design, since it is one of the most functional items. The desk should be comfortable, practical and facilitate the work that we are carrying out. Nonetheless, not only the functionality is an important aspect and the importance of the beauty of the lines should not be disregarded. Our models are selected following this criterion. As we spend a lot of time working behind a desk, the working space should be a welcoming and visually pleasant room.

In SuperStudio you will find conventional office desks, such as the Opus or the Status desks, made respectively of walnut and chestnut wood. Both include drawers to store our work accessories to have them always at hand. Or maybe you prefer a more modern office desk such as the City Collection, in clear colours and with an aluminium structure. Or the fascinating Penrose Desk, entirely made of glass. Imposing but at the same time offering great visual lightness.

A very special piece because of its original structure, glass surface and sophisticated appearance, is the Flash desk, inspired by one of the mythical creations of the Italian designer Carlo Mollino, the Cavour desk.

We could still go on but we think it would be better to discover our collection yourself and find that perfect office desk for you.

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