Candles and Candleholders

Candles give your home this certain so warm light, they remind us of these special environments and places creating unique and comfortable corners that surround us full of romanticism, passion and love. Any moment is ideal to get inspired by the style and to achieve a more intimate and personal decoration by means of an everyday element like original candles.

Original candles

The possibilities that decorative candles offer when it comes to decorating are enormous. They can serve as coffee tables using food containers that transform into original containers for original candles that can be combined with other decorative objects like stones or sand in the inside.

To stress the protagonism of the original candles we can combine them with other natural elements like soil or plants to create a much more attractive unit. The original candles by themselves already create a special and very relaxed ambience. Placed strategically original candles always provide us with the touch of distinctiveness we search for in our home. In their proper quantity they create a warm, personal and pleasant decoration.

Original candles to create unique environments

We can find original candles of many types, but SuperStudio suggests us the models that most represent the avant-garde. Among these, original candles with metal base that obtain the look of a lamp stand out contributing an illumination that gives any room warmth. There exist different models to choose and different base heights to adapt to your necessities.

An also very original option is our candle lamp MAX OIL that contains 3 sticks inside a glass that create a very delicate decoration being an ideal gift set.

No matter which model you choose, the decoration with original candles is always a good option to create this certain elegant and discrete decoration that we love to find arriving at home.