Pop style cushions

In the catalogue of SuperStudio we dispose of almost 300 different cushion cover models. Among these you surely will find the perfect design cushions for your home. Your home is the place where you take out the stress of the daily routine and where you rest. Therefore it is important to care for all the details that increase your comfort and that make you feel good. Cushions are a simple, but versatile element that thanks to the great amount of available styles, textures, colours and patterns offers immense possibilities.

Pop cushions

Our pop cushions are essential elements to create pleasant and aesthetically attractive atmospheres. However, it is important as well to save unity and balance between all the models - apart from the selection of colours, pattern and adequate forms. It is a simple and fast way to revitalize your living, sleeping room, terrace or any other corner that is made for relaxing.

They are very versatile pieces and when you want to change the style, it will be extremely easy because you just have to remove the cover and re-cover the cushion with a new one. They result as very comfortable elements in every respect. It doesn’t matter what kind of decoration your home disposes of, if you want to add a modern and contemporaneous touch, you can’t miss one of our pop cushions. You can use them as singles or accompanied by other models like the classical, rectangular or square cushions. In any case, you will add a touch of unique and original style to your home decoration.

Decorate with pop cushions

It’s time to provide your home decoration with the final touch. Nothing better than our pop cushions to add a very hip, modern and sophisticated touch. We dispose of numerous cushion models with images of the pop icons we all love like for example Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn who are the great protagonists. If you want to achieve a more dynamic and attractive result, we recommend you to combine these models with different cushions of even colours or with geometric motifs. The result will be absolutely stylish.

Cushions help you to define the style of a room, therefore they convert into indispensable decoration accessories. There is nothing better than arriving home after a long day of work and relax on the sofa, our favourite armchair or in bed upon a multitude of well-padded cushions. Design cushions are decisive when it comes to defining the character of a room. Keep in mind that it is your absolutely personal choice.