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Rocking Chairs

Rocking chairs are a type of chair whose feet are attached to curved blades at the bottom of the legs, so that the rocker chair only contacts the ground at two points, allowing the person to rock back and forth effortlessly and providing a feeling of relaxation.

Rocking chairs

Rocking chairs are one of the most comfortable options because the seat is automatically placed in a position where the center of gravity is aligned with the contact points limiting, in this way, the efforts of body movement.

Rocking chairs features

Due at their design, rocking chairs differs from common chairs because they offer a curved base that allows movement, instead of legs. Support blades prevent the chair to lean too much.

Their roll is very relaxing, so it is an excellent choice if we have a baby at home. Babies quiet down if you wave them in your arms for a few minutes and is perfect also for breastfeeding.

Normally rocking chairs have a high back to rest your head, and they can also have armrests and footrest.

Initially rocking chairs were manufactured in wood, although in SuperStudio we have a collection of all materials, as well as very innovative designs, with shapes that sometimes are much away from the traditional wooden chairs with two curved slats instead of legs.

Rocking chairs are a classic seat for both outdoor and indoor use. They easily adapt to any environment and they are suitable for anyone and of any age. There is a rocking chair for each user, size and style. Bring personality with rocking chairs as a decoration for your room, dining room or favorite room.

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