Sofa bed

A sofa bed design is the perfect solution for living rooms with small dimensions where you may need an extra bed. During the day, you will have a comfortable and stylish sofa. But ifone night we have unexpected guests at home, thanks to its versatility, comfort and practicality we have a sofa bed design.

Sofa Bed Design

This so practical quality, does not exempt its duty to comply with the style. It has to be combined with the other elements of decoration, keep the harmony and respect the beauty of lines. That's where SuperStudio appears, to help you make the right decision with our careful sofa bed design selection.

Sometimes you appreciate straight, simple lines, without complications but providing what we basically need, comfort, functionality and good price. In SuperStudio we have many combinations both in style, fabric and mattresses which allows us to achieve the comfort, functionality and adaptability we seek. Besides their conversion into bed is very easy.

Sofa bed design for all tastes

In SuperStudio we have models of all types, from more practical sofa beds which have a particularly simple system to transform it into a single seat, in a sofa chair with backrest, or an extra bed extending it completely. Simply you have to fold the sides, both or just one, according to the piece we want to achieve. An armchair, a deck chair and a bed, all in one, with elegant design Karchof or Cardif.

Passing through the sofa bed type single armchair of great elegance and comfort, convertible into a comfortable bed for those days when you have unexpected guests at home, such as the Werder model.

Even larger sofas, comfortable and of great elegance convertible in a huge bed which provides great comfort both in sofa mode or in bed mode combined the practicality that we all need and the easy changing mode. We must highlight the Nepouf, Hoffen and Dominos Nedos models in polyurethane. And for those who want an extra elegance, the Stuttgart model is made of high quality leatherette.

A sofa bed design is the perfect solution for you If you have a limited space but you don't want to renounce to offer a bed to your guests. In this way, you can take advantage of the available space.

A sofa bed design is without any doubt the most practical piece of furniture, maximizing its functionality: it serves as a sofa and extra bed if necessary, it occupies the space of a sofa and is an ideal solution for the night.

Enter our section, surprise yourself and take advantage of our discounts to enjoy at the best and get the most out of your home.

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    KLASSIK Bed Sofa
    Sofa bed
    KLASSIK Bed Sofa£467.46


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      WERDER Sofa Bed
      Sofa bed
      WERDER Sofa Bed£322.14


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        BOTHA Sofa Bed
        Sofa bed
        BOTHA Sofa Bed£350.39


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