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Stacking chairs

Are you the owner of a business or restaurant? Do you need chairs that can easily be stored, but you do not want to give up on design? At SuperStudio we have the perfect solution: stacking chairs. Our stackable design chair that takes very little space. Practical, light weighted and modern.

Stacking chairs

The stacking design chairs are a perfect option for the restaurant business. It is obviously important to have light, comfortable and easy-to-move chairs. But if they also offer the possibility of being stacked, then they are even more practical.

Stacking chairs, confort and design

The design of stackable chairs is ideal for events since they can easily be stored. Save essential and valuable space at home or business space with practical storage: you can quickly stack the chairs to the desired height. And you can mount as many stacks of chairs as you want, both vertically and horizontally, in order to optimize your storage space.

There are models of stacking chairs for both indoor and outdoor use. They are usually light, compact and easy-to-move chairs, and versatile so that they can be combined with very different environments. We have a special collection of stacking chairs where you can find famous industrial style models like the Tolix A chair, inspired by Xavier Pauchard

The materials used for the stacking chairs range from polypropylene, polyurethane, polycarbonate, metals and sometimes wood that allow to manufacture light and manageable chairs. Some models are made out of one single ergonomic and shell-shaped piece. It is quite common that many of the designer chairs also have a stackable version with different shapes and materials. Public places such as waiting rooms, conference rooms, hotels, terraces, offices, etc., in fact any place with limited space, is perfect for these chairs. Thanks to their lightness they are very manageable.

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