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Welcome your guests or customers with the stylish and comfortable SuperStudio design stools. We are sure you will find the perfect model for your kitchen, bar or restaurant, in our wide selection.

Design stools

A stool is the ideal seat for informal meetings. It helps to create a relaxed atmosphere. If you want your customers to feel really at ease, this element is absolutely essential in the planning of the interior design of your establishment. They are also helpful to save space, and a unique and modern effect can be achieved by playing with the layout and combining several models. Forget the purely functional aspect of this piece, and remember that it is a choice of style.

Design stools in different materials

As versatile as its companion, the chair, stools also allow the use of a wide variety of materials in its manufacture: wood, polypropylene, ABS, polycarbonate, steel, aluminum, etc. These are all resistant and very durable, ideal for continuous use. There are also pieces of different heights, to meet the needs of each space. Higher models designed for bars or bar tables and lower models to comfortably accommodate your guests around a coffee table. This versatility has stimulated the ingenuity of many creators. The design of some stools has been inspired by mythical avant-garde design chairs, such as the Tulip stool, the Bertoia, the Rostov or the Astraus. Others, have earned their position of design icon by their selves, such as the stool Kastelo or Globus.

In our section of stools you will find models of various sizes, some with adjustable height, smooth or upholstered in different fabrics, with our without backrest, with different types of base or legs, and very original designs, such as the Diabolo stool or the models of the Champagne collection, that imitate bottle corks. Choose the stool that best fits your space, taking into account the rest of the furniture. Make the right choice and easily achieve a modern and stylish look for your establishment, kitchen or dining room. And when you sit down, you will be able to check for yourself the comfort and great stability of any of our pieces, in order to provide the appropriate rest.

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