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A modern and sophisticated TV needs as an inevitable companion a design TV table. Yes, not only limited to serve as a support function, but which also adds a touch of class to space and helps to create the warm atmosphere we want for our home.

Design TV tables

The television is a controversial element. It stirs passions, is equally loved and hated. But both we like it or not, it is always in the center of our daily lives: in our moments of relax on the couch, in the dinners with family or friends, in the conversations with co-workers, in the lazy weekend afternoons, etc. In the end, it ends up becoming a perfect ally in our moments of relaxation and entertainment. As such, we cannot neglect the place where we will place it.

Although we mustn't forget good taste and harmony. But that is what we deal with in SuperStudio. From the larger furniture pieces, as sofas, over the most representative ones as tables or chairs, up to the last decorative detail, as wall vinyls, candles or household items, we leave nothing to chance. And a table design TV is something that, obviously, we couldn't miss in our catalog of products.

Our section of design TV tables

If we talk about design TV tables it is because there is a real concern for aesthetics. We just do not see that the piece fulfills its practical function: to hold the TV, the channel decoder, cables, DVDs, etc. In addition, it must meet the requirements that meet each and every element of our furniture: a neat and elegant composition.

Sophistication, for example, is an essential feature of a design TV table. In the end, the TV is an electrical appliance and, for this reason, undergoes continuous transformations as technology advances. increasingly flat screens, almost invisible edges, Internet fusion, radio and other services. For this reason, the TV table which serves as a support, has to be in tune with that modern and minimalistic style. This is the case of our High-Tech TV table. It has three levels, with different amplitude, with two lateral cylindrical supports and one central plane. It is available in black or grey colour. The combination of all these features offers a balanced and stylish set, with open concept.

In any case, if you need to renew your TV table, if you want to add a different touch to your living room, if the arrival of a new TV requires a proper reception; whatever your case is, it's time to find the perfect model for you and for your home.

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GLER Glass TV Table
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GLER Coffee Table with Rollers
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