Wall Art

Wall decoration is the easiest way to change the style of any room, with very little effort. A canvas, a decorative vinyl or a watch, can completely transform the character of a space. And sometimes, a new air feels good.

Wall decoration

By placing one of these elements, always taking care of the combination with the furniture and other accessories, you can permeate the walls of character and break the tonal monotony of neutral backgrounds. In addition, you will solve the usual problem: lack of time. For this reason, in SuperStudio have a special section dedicated to wall decoration. Come in and discover our huge Wall Deco collection: canvases, vinyls, metal plaques, wooden plaques, decorative 3D panels, wall clocks and design hangers. With a multitude of sizes, designs and colors to suit all tastes. We have canvases in one or three pieces and the model pyramid in five pieces of different sizes, arranged symmetrically. We have natural landscapes, cityscapes, fruits, flowers, animals, etc. Although you can decide for a more innovative option: photo frames. Their structure is thinner, halfway between a photograph and a painting. With vinyl it is even easier. You don't need to think where to hang fasteners. You just have to stick the different parts on any smooth surface which seems you too boring. It may be on a wall, a window or even on a closet door. And when you want to change, you can just remove it and place it elsewhere. We have a special section for Christmas vinyls, and one for those whose adhesive pieces are actually mirrors with singular shapes.

Wall decoration solutions

Decorative 3D panels are a very interesting solution, ideal to cover defects in the wall and improve insulation from external noise. They introduce texture, relief and help to balance visually the space. They are sold as separate pieces, so you can buy as many as you want, depending on the size of the surface to be covered. Get best results by mixing different colors, and even different models. Our hangers and decorative clocks combine functionality and aesthetics, to meet your needs while adding a touch of style. And both wooden plaques printed with original designs, both Vintage metal plaques, provide a very attractive sophisticated air. Now is the time to revitalize wall decoration, taking advantage of our discounts.