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Wooden chairs
Our collection of wooden chairs will pleasantly surprise you. Wood has been the ultimate material to manufacture furniture throughout history. This material may seem somewhat traditional, classic and, even, boring. Perhaps for having discovered the models made of plastic and metal by great designers of the twentieth century. Something like that could not form part of the SuperStudio catalog.

Wooden chairs

Wood is a noble material, which allows many possibilities. Some of the most creative personalities of the last century have shown it by reflecting their ingenuity on the creation of original backs, seats and legs. Most of our wooden chairs have become, over time, authentic design icons

Our wooden chairs catalog

Our section of wooden chairs includes different styles. Bold designs, the most admired Modern Classics and excellent contemporary creations. We have the Fer chair, inspired by the magnificent Wishbone chair of Hans J. Wegner. Rather, an incontestable Nordic elegance, available in various colors. Another model that is based on the works of this Danish designer, is the Dan chair, which reminds us of his Elbow chair. The Demiro chair, reminds us of the Estándar chair of the French Jean Prouvé. The Zigzag, of the chair with the same name as the Dutch Gerrit Thomas Rietveld, one of the representatives of the architectural movement, De Stijl. We cannot forget the wooden chairs inspired by the works of the most famous designer´s couple, Charles & Ray Eames. This is is the case with the Dinnig Walnut and the Coffee Walnut, that emulates the shapes of the Plywood Group collection. Or the Spears chair, with its attractive houndstooth upholstery and a charming retro touch, based on the Organic chair. We also have chairs that are not entirely made of wood, but only partially, such as the Bantra Wood or the Beech Tulipa, or the Pelican armchair, a faithful reproduction of the work of Danish Finn Juhl. There are models with additions of wooden plate on metal, like the Ovei or the Greek, with an authentic and irresistible industrial air. Others have a wooden structure but are completely Patchwork upholstered. But… why continue? We invite you to see for yourself and enjoy some of the best productions of last century´s avant-garde design.
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