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Plastic chairs with wooden legs

Although sometimes it may seem that plastic is one of the least valued materials in the world of decoration and interior design, plastic chairs are a great option for furnishing different spaces as they can offer many advantages. But if in addition the plastic chairs become chairs with wooden legs, the effect can be totally inspiring.

Wooden legs chairs

At SuperStudio we love the avant-garde woorden legs chairs. Above all, we believe that it is one of the styles that never ceases to be a trend. In addition, the wooden legs chairs are easy to combine with any decoration style, whether Nordic, chic or romantic.

Wooden legs chairs, confort and avant-garde design

Plastic chairs are usually related to the exterior use, due to the versatility of this material that offers a wide range of possibilities. However, the wooden legs chairs have such an exquisite design, that you would want to use them inside the house. Plastic makes them durable and light, ideal for daily use in every home with style.

But we cannot forget the other qualities of this model of chairs. They are very flexible and allow the creation of a wide variety of designs and shapes, which are so fashionable nowadays. A good example of this type of chairs are the Eames chairs, made of molded polypropylene. In addition, these models are inspired by the Eiffel Tower.

SuperStudio has different options for woorden legs chairs. You can find all models from simple shaped plastic chairs to futuristic chairs such as the egg chair. Although, the design of wooden legs chair made of plastic are definitely the most popular ones.

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