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Plastic chairs with wooden legs

Although sometimes it may seem that plastic is one of the least valued materials in the world of interior design and decoration, plastic chairs are a wonderful option to furnish different spaces because they can offer many advantages. But if plastic chairs also also have wooden legs the effect can be totally inspiring.

Wooden legs chairs

In SuperStudio we love the avant-garde wooden legs chairs beacuse we believe their style never fails trend. Besides Wooden legs chairs combine with any decor, whether nordic, chic or romantic.

Wooden legs chairs, comfort and vanguard

Plastic chairs usually are relate to outdoor spaces due to the versatility of this material that offers a wide range of possibilities, but wooden legs chairs have such exquisite design that you will want to have them in your house. Plastic makes them durable and lightweight, ideal for a stylish day to day routine at home.

But we can't forget that wooden legs chairs have also other qualities such that are very malleable and allow the creation of a variety of different designs and shapes as cutting-edge today. A good example of this are the Eames chairs, made of molded polypropylene plastic, they are wooden legs chairs inspired by Eiffel Tower.

Among the different options of plastic wooden legs chair you can find from plastic chairs with cutting easier to futuristic style chairs such as the egg chair, but of course the design chairs with wooden legs made of plastic they are the most popular and daring.

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