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Animal head trophies

In SuperStudio we have all the most original and disruptive home accessories at your disposal in a special collection. Transform your home clearly with a naked eye in a few steps is easier than you think and we suggest betting on different and more innovative home accessories. Such as wooden puzzle shaped as animal head trophy. But don't worry, no animal has suffered damage in this case, we can assure that.

Wooden puzzle

Animal head trophy is a figure composed of wooden slats, assembled as if they were a 3D wooden puzzle. In this way, traditional hunting trophies become something more refined, neutral and aesthetic. We have a variety of animals from which you can choose the one that best suits your tastes and style: deer, rhino, elephant, gazelle, and so on.

Wooden puzzle, the most original home accessory

A wooden puzzle is a very special piece for the decoration of any room, especially the living room or dining room, but also bedrooms, kitchens, workplaces, offices, etc. Made in perfectly punched sheets of wood so that you can easily remove and assemble them, pieces fit perfectly so glue is not necessary at all.

A wooden puzzle is the perfect piece to decorate and play at the same time. Once assembled is ideal to hang it on the wall as decoration like an animal head trophy. A simple and fun way to decorate in an original and dare way with different animal heads mounted with wooden pieces which will impregnate of character the walls of any room. Be prepared to have ready a unique space with its own personality that will delight your guests. The product includes assembly instructions.

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