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Wooden stools

Design stools are nowadays a very important part of the decoration of our homes, establishments and office premises. They are available in many different types and styles, but wood is definitely one of the most used materials in the production of furniture and complements. Wood has always been distinguished for its warmth and elegance, being a noble material. The most traditional model is a wooden stool, typical for pubs and inns, and perfect to create a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere in a classy and distinctive establishment.

Wooden stool

All stools are made of first class material in order to provide the necessary comfort. They are the perfect complement for clients who want to enjoy a drink or aperitif before lunch or dinner, or to differentiate two different environments.

A wooden stool is by far the most elegant model, and provides undeniable comfort. This model is the preferred one in rustic homes or establishments with a more traditional style, and for those who look for a style that reminds of the warmth and familiarity that characterizes the wooden stool.

Wooden stool, a timeless classic in a rustic style

The versatility of wood allows to provide the stools with different shapes, colors and styles. The combination of materials is an element that gives a modern touch to our collection of wooden stools. The industrial or vintage style stool with wooden seat gives a very rustic and retro look, in combination with the steel legs that makes them resistant and therefore convenient to use in the catering industry.

Another winning combination are the stools with plastic seat, available in many different colors, with upholstered seat, backrest or cushion, and wooden legs which make them special and durable.

A wooden stool always provide a fresh look, whether you choose the low or the high model, and they are a practical and original decoration element. Its versatility makes it ideal to use in kitchen, bars or restaurants. Create an elegant and attractive atmosphere, combining them with high tables. Forget about the former, uncomfortable stools, as nowadays they are comfortable seats providing an important decorative touch.

The wooden stools not only fit into vintage-style dining rooms, but are also a perfect complement to the garden furniture; they easily adapt to the environment.

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