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Xavier Pauchard

Tolix chair by Xavier Pauchard, was born in 1927 with a concept of industrial chair adapted to our environment. It is characterized by being a pioneering model in the process of galvanizing metal becoming an icon of industrial and new vintage-retro aesthetics.

Tolix chair by Xavier Pauchard has become fashionable and it has been re-launched at this time. To learn more about the Tolix chair we have to know its creator. Xavier Pauchard who was a French metallurgical known for his contribution to the art of galvanizing steel in furniture industry.

Tolix chair by Xavier Pauchard, a pioneer in the process of galvanizing metal

Tolix model by Xavier Pauchard along with his other creations, the stool and table with functional character are popular for their stability, lightness and strength. Xavier Pauchard grew up in a French town where the abundance of timber production was considerable, still he devoted his interest in metalwork, being one of the pioneers in new techniques of galvanization to prevent rusting.

He founded his company in 1918, which sold steel goods for home. His grandfather and father were roofers and they worked with zinc, which led him to experiment with different techniques of galvanization until in 1917 he discovered he could prevent metal sheet from oxidation by their immersion in molten zinc. After World War I, Xavier Pauchard designed a wide range of furniture for home, suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces, regardless of weather conditions. Both Tolix chair as its mates were universally known in homes, offices, cafes, factories, cafes, hospitals...

Tolix chair by Xavier Pauchard s synonymous with quality, innovation and functionality, this last feature is highly valued in the world of hospitality as being a stackable chair it gets a perfect storage. Currently Tolix chair along with the rest of his creations has reached the status of design icon worldwide. This popularity has allowed it to enter the collections of the Vitra Design Museum, the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Centre Pompidou.

After the death of Xavier Pauchard in 1948, his sons continued with the Tolix brand creating high-quality handmade furniture as his father taught them. In 2004 the company was no longer owned by the family and passed to Chantal Andriot which re-launched the brand achieving that the company of the chair of Xavier Pauchard with an original and timeless design continues to operate nearly 100 years later.

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